Key #3 - Use Waste as a Resource

Utilise waste streams as a source of secondary resources and recover waste for reuse and recycling.

A priority is placed on preserving material complexity, by cascading materials in their most complex form for as long as possible.

Material cycles are designed to be of lengths that are relevant on a human timescale, appropriate to the natural cycles to which they’re connected, matched to material scarcity and as geographically short as possible.

Materials are not mixed in ways such that they no longer can be separated and purely recovered, unless they can continue to cycle infinitely at high value in their mixed form. Materials are used only when necessary

For instance, the recycling operative’s job consists of sorting through recyclable waste and separating materials to be recovered.

This sorting and separating constitutes an essential element in the recycling process, which involves the ‘use waste as a resource’ strategy, and thus presents itself a circular job.

Day to day activities of the recycling operative include physical labour and machine handling such as forklift driving


maat Group´s Solutions comply this premise


The concept is based on preserving the materials so that they do not modify their structure when they are mixed with other materials.

Extrapolating the concept from the technological point of view, the way that Maat Group to preserve the structures and that they can be reused is to design atomic components that don´t "mixs" but "communicates" with other components and between them offer a solution that solves the final need´s approach.

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